Dimensional Signs and Letters

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Monument sign made with HDU with 4’x8′ LED digital display. Backlit sign with hand painted murals & red LEDs for halo effect lighting. Monument sign with HDU raised panel and formed letters.
Sandblasted Cedar sign.Entire structure built by Brushfire. Murison3D golf ball and letters. Sandblasted Cedar with hand carved bear claw. Entire structure built by Brushfire.
Sandblasted Cedar with hand carved Trillium. Sandblasted Redwood subdivision sign. Raised metal letters stud mounted.
6″ HDU hand carved letters. Sandblasted Cedar sign for private association entrance. Raised plastic letters with custom made marina flag.
4 layer HDU sign. Raised metal letters for gated community. 3D Post and Panel church entrance.
Sandblasted HDU sign. Sandblasted Redwood restaurant, bar & grill sign. Raised metal letters for estate entrance.

Sandblasted Cedar sign.

Dimensional sign.
Lighted Dimensional sign.
Sandblasted Cedar apartment complex.